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Now, I am not going to do a countdown to Christmas but you all know how time flies.  Regardless of your winter holiday practices, you know that they are right around the corner.

As each artist comes in to remove their work after an exhibit I am sorry to see it taken down.  And yet each new hanging bring another pleasant surprise.  Fresh artwork, fresh approach and another opportunity to view beautiful thought-provoking pieces. 

I do want to publically thank our hanging committee.  They do an amazing job every time.  This can be a challenge whether you are hanging art by a single artist where there is a constancy in color use and theme, but really a challenge when you have a wide variety of artists such as happens with the Members' Exhibit.  Kudos, they have done it again.

If you were unable to attend, drop in and see if your choices for 3 favorites match the general consensus.  1st place went to "Bright and Soft" a watercolor by Christine Henninger.  2nd place went to " Peace on the Pond', a unique copper and aluminum work piece by Donna Winslow.
3rd place to Burton Jones for his oil on gesso board entitled "Come fly wit me.  It was a very close vote, requiring the use of a tie-breaker.

Our Performance Trust was used for the second time.  We were able to send some of the English students at John A, Holmes High School to see "To Kill a Mockingbird' at COA.  It is a sensitive subject, and was handled extremely well.

​Check our events page for a very busy December.  As a part of the Christmas Candlelight Tour, CAC offers "Confection Perfection'.  This is a set up of some remarkable goodies...many of which are old family favorites.  If you would like to join in the festivities, by preparing and sharing one of your favorites to our visitors and tour goers, call us at 482-8005 and put your name on the list.
Please remember to scroll down...some of our pages are longer than others. Enjoy!
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This beautiful scene is an oil on gesso board painted by Burton Jones.  It garnered votes for third place in the Members' Exhibit.   Look through the pages to see the other winners.
Art should stimulate conversation.  Here some of our visitors consult and vote. 
What is this?  Above is a link for a survey related to the Public Art Initiative that is currently being considered by almost all of Edenton.  Take a look, take a minute and let us hear from you.